Leslie A. Piggott

Author and Illustrator

Releases: 06/26/2024!

Unwritten in Death

Mystery shrouds the death of Brenington’s bestselling author. Is there a killer living amongst them too?

The city of Brenington is shocked to learn that one of its residents is actually bestselling author Natasha Gillespie. Just days after announcing her retirement and revealing her identity to the world, Gayle Smith, a.k.a., Natasha Gillespie, is found dead in her own home. Cari is not alone in suspecting foul play; Genevieve and Alex lead the police investigation after barbiturates are discovered in the woman’s system. As they investigate the woman’s death, they soon discover writing thrillers was not the only thing mysterious in Gayle Smith’s life: no one seems to have known the author well. Virtually estranged from her large family, Smith was also largely without friends or close confidants. Even her publicist knows little about her. Cari and Genevieve will both need to utilize all of their investigative skills in order to unearth the mystery behind the life and death of the infamous author.

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