Leslie A. Piggott

Author and Illustrator

The Mystery of Specter Island

An intruder threatens to wreck Cari and Bob’s vacation. Can they put a stop to it and salvage their time together?

When Cari accepts Bob’s invitation to join him for vacation in Wisconsin, she has no idea what’s in store. The relaxing week away turns nightmarish early on when she startles an intruder at Bob’s family’s bed and breakfast. His aunt confesses that this isn’t the first break-in: it’s the fourth one in as many weeks. She has started to lose business as her guests no longer feel safe in the quaint, rural town. While she has reported the intrusions, she hasn’t followed up and just hoped they’d go away. Bob and Cari use their connections to get the county sheriff involved. The ensuing investigation initially seems to be open and shut until they realize the intruder has multiple aliases and addresses. Never one to walk away from an investigation, Cari teams up with the sheriff’s department to track down the mystery man. The closer she gets to his true identity, the more mysterious the case becomes. She calls on her long-time friend, Detective Genevieve Viacorte for insight. As Cari pours her attention into finding the intruder, she realizes Bob is becoming increasingly distracted. Once again, she struggles to balance her love of sleuthing and her personal life. Can she save the family business and her relationship?

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Love this series! ...A thrilling blend of mystery, personal struggle, and character development, this installment solidifies the Cari series as a must-read for mystery enthusiasts.
Desiree HJ
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The Mystery of Specter Island lives up to its name with drama, suspense, and both new and beloved characters that Cari Turnlyle fans will recognize.
Harold S.
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Excellent story well written. Kept me engrossed through the entire book. Highly recommended. Will be looking forward to the next book in the Cari Turnlyle Series.