Leslie A. Piggott

Author and Illustrator

Forsaken Talents

Can Cari find the answers before it's too late?

When Frederick Kastener’s daughter’s car careens in front of a semi-truck, everyone assumes that it is just another case of careless driving. Outraged by the lack of investigation, the wealthy Kastener throws his weight around to get the police to take a second look. He further doubles down by questioning the writing acumen of investigative journalist Cari Turnlyle and demands she print a retraction of the accidental death article. When Cari discovers an eye-witness account of the accident that contradicts her initial assumptions, she vows to uncover what really happened. Things continue to not add up as another man in the community dies under somewhat suspicious circumstances. Cari becomes convinced that the deaths are related, but can she find the link that holds it all together?

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Harold S
Page Turner
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This is another Cari Turnlyle series book that is so well written with very satisfying characters. It was hard for me to put this book down because it was such a good read. It's a page turner from the very beginning. I also love the ending of the book. I’m looking forward to the next Cari Turnlyle series.
Wonderful Story
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OMG I couldn't stop reading this. So well written. It was fast paced and truly incredible. Cari, Bob, Genevieve, Alex, and Chris are so interactive with each other. The side characters keep it interesting. Would recommend this to everyone!
Jennie Reads
Strong Independent Women
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I like this series and the relationship that is building between these two independent young women as they each find their way in their own careers and also in a mutual friendship.